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Total Vision Care regularly invests in state-of-the-art instruments, learn more about some of our technology below and the benefits it brings to our patients.

i.Profiler ® plus– Objective Refraction and Corneal Topography


The i.Profiler® plus is the 4-in-1 system with ocular wavefront aberrometer, autorefractometer, ATLAS corneal topographer and keratometer. The fully automated measurement creates an optical 'fingerprint' of your eye and enables all measurements of both eyes including detection of aberrations in approximately 60 seconds.

ZEISS i.Scription – Wavefront Abberometry

Every eye is as unique as a human fingerprint. With i.Profilerplus® by ZEISS more than 2,500 reference points within your eye are examined to produce an extremely detailed vision profile. Unlike traditional exams, varying light conditions are also taken into account to provide customized vision—both day and night. This comprehensive information is used to create a refined prescription or i.Scription®, that perfectly matches your unique vision profile. The resulting eyeglass lenses are produced to an accuracy far higher than seen in traditional eyeglass lenses and are personalized especially for your unique vision needs.

As a result, vision problems, such as blurry vision, halo effects, and visual discomfort can be recognized and improved. Eyeglass lenses with i.Scription technology can improve color and contrast, as well as vision at night and in low-light—giving you your best vision possible.

ZEISS precision lenses with i.Scription technology for better vision


Better Night/Low-light Vision. Looking directly at a light source at night, such as car lights, results in glare and halo effects. i.Scription technology by ZEISS reduces image noise.


Better Color Vision. i.Scription technology by ZEISS adds brilliance to your life and lets you see colors as they really are: bright and more intense.


Better Visual Contrast. Seeing contrast, such as white letters on a black background is especially challenging for the eyes. i.Scription technology by ZEISS sharpens contrast.

ZEISS i.Terminal – Centration Measurement System

Proper lens placement within your chosen frames is as important as an accurate prescription. Proper lens positioning minimizes headaches, incorrect body posture, and eye strain. Many details need to be taken into account, such as the distance between the eyes and pupils, the proportions of the face, the tilt and wrap of the frames, and even posture, to accurately position the lenses within the frames. Without these measurements, up to 40% of valuable visual acuity can be lost. This is important for single vision lenses and especially important for progressive lenses.

With the i.Terminal 2 by ZEISS, all of the necessary measurements are captures in only 60 seconds—to a precision of 1/10th of a millimeter–to create lenses made for your unique features.

Lenses that are precisely personalized for your face, frame, and prescription will provide you with:

  • Better fitting lenses
  • Optimum vision
  • Reduced eye strain

Humphrey® Matrix Visual Field Analyzer


The Humphrey Matrix represents the latest breakthrough for early visual field loss detection testing. It combines the capability to detect glaucoma early and accurately with tools for long-term management and detect other eye diseases. It also enhances the ability to conduct a thorough visual field evaluation and assess treatment alternatives.

CIRRUS Photo 600 Instrument - Fundus Imaging and Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT)


CIRRUS photo delivers combined fundus and OCT reports that enable quick assessments for a wide variety of retina and posterior segment disorders. Retinal imaging and image analysis is important as many eye diseases as well as systemic diseases manifest themselves in the retina. These might include age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

Visuplan (NCT) – Non-contact Tonometer


A tonometry test measures the pressure inside your eye, which is called intraocular pressure (IOP). The measurement of IOP is part of a professional glaucoma evaluation and with the Zeiss Visuplan it is fast and very comfortable for our patients to do this test. Glaucoma is an eye disease that can cause blindness by damaging the nerve in the back of the eye.

Slit Lamp – Biomicroscope

Scientific instrument

From daily routine to specialized examinations it allows the doctor to see areas of the front of the eye, including eyelids, conjunctiva, iris, lens, sclera, cornea, retina and optic nerve. It helps in diagnosing items such as macular degeneration, detached retina, cataracts and injury to the cornea. Fun Fact- Carl Zeiss developed the first slit lamp back in 1911 together with Swedish ophthalmologist and Nobel laureate Allvar Gullstrand.

Visulens 500 – Automated Lensmeter


This verifies the correct prescription in a pair of eyeglasses to properly orient and mark uncut lenses, and to confirm the correct mounting of lenses in spectacle frames. It also can measure nearsighted and stigmatism in your eyewear and helps to determine if there has been changes in sight.

Visuphor 500 & Visuscreen 100 – Automated Subjective Refraction


Optimal visual outcomes in patients requires careful measurement of subjective and objective refractive error. The ZEISS VISUSCREEN 500 with Polatest technology comes with a variety of vision tests to perform monocular and binocular testing with different test charts, as well as special tests for children. It allows for easier visual acuity tests and allows the doctor to learn more about the interaction between both eyes.

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